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Parts Work and Internal Family Systems-Informed

Think of a change you want to see in your life. You may have the thought,"A part of me wants __________ and another part of me wants __________." Does this sound familiar? Sure, it is a turn of phrase. Yet, if you remain curious with those two opposing parts, sometimes you may learn the parts have their own unique desires, objectives, needs and fears. 


Perhaps you have a part that "keeps you in line," works hard to be liked by others and is motivated by perfectionism. Or you have a part that is highly critical, engages in reactive coping strategies to shut down unpleasant feelings or self-sabotages your success.  Ahh, yes. Your protector parts. Your well-intentioned, sometimes misguided allies. Whatever you call them, I trust these parts are attempting to support you on in some way, often protecting you from reliving or reopening wounds from the past. 

Parts work is a great way to be curious about your inner world and the multiplicity of the mind. Getting acquainted with the various roles that parts take on allows you the opportunity to find alternative ways to meet their underlying needs. Often times, wounded parts need the opportunity to heal in order for protector parts to take it down a notch. This work is dynamic and experiential in nature and can be illuminating, creative and healing.  

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