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Molly Pike, MA, LPC
Trauma Therapist in Denver, Colorado
EMDR Certified & EMDRIA Approved Cons

Ketamine-Assisted Therapy Coming Soon!


Hi, I'm Molly!

I admire the courageous journey people take to heal from their traumatic and painful life experiences in order to live a more present, integrated, meaningful life. I know it isn't easy work.

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Beneath Our Triggers

Sits a pattern.
Telling of wounds.
Of a time our needs for

love, safety, and belonging
Were unmet or threatened.

-Hernping/Kaya Toast For The Soul

What shifts are you hoping to see?

You have reached a point in your life that you are craving true internal change. This may not be your first rodeo in therapy and you have dedicated time and energy into your healing journey, but you still find yourself hitting a wall. I trust that you are thriving in many areas of your life and are sometimes surprised by the ways you feel stuck and you are unclear why this pattern persists.  


Maybe you get triggered seemingly out of nowhere.

You notice your tough inner critic is relentless but you're unsure of how to respond to yourself any other way.

No matter what you accomplish, there is a constant voice inside that says you are not enough.


In relationships you feel a push and pull that feels like an internal tug of war.

You find yourself in people-pleaser mode but disconnected from your own needs.


Perhaps you don't trust your intuition or decisions because you have always prioritized others first.

You feel flooded with such strong emotions that you find yourself shutting down.


You would rather alphabetically organize the spices in your cabinet than to feel your feelings.


It feels much safer in your thoughts, or intellectualizing, than it is to feel. Or perhaps you're unsure how to.

Does this resonate with you?

I know this can be so disruptive when you are trying to live the life that you want, but feel like there is a glass wall between where you are and where you want to be.


You deserve relief.




Low Self-Esteem





 Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a powerful and effective modality for processing trauma and other "stuck" experiences.


This work acknowledges that we all contain multiple parts that interact internally. In helpful and not so helpful ways.


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy recognizes that we do not have to eliminate discomfort in order to live a meaningful life.

Online Therapy Only

I currently work with adults 18+ older in the state of Colorado by video, through a secure and

HIPPA-compliant platform.


While video sessions are certainly not for everyone, I have found it accessible to work with clients throughout the whole state and many clients have shared they feel more relaxed in their home environment. 

All the cute pet companions cameos have been an added perk! 

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Contact me with any further questions through this form.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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